Read the Fine Print of Prop 22

DON’T BE FOOLED - Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash are spending millions to hide the truth from voters about who benefits from Proposition 22. They make nice-sounding claims about how their million-dollar ballot measure could help drivers - but we checked out the fine print, and it turns out the companies will be the only ones who benefit; not drivers.

False Promise


Protects the choice of app-based drivers to work as independent contractors.

Creates a loophole in existing law just for app-based companies to continue exploiting their workers for profit.

Improves app-based work by requiring companies to provide new benefits.

Lets app companies boost their profits by refusing to provide their drivers with the benefits required under current law like paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, or healthcare.

Guaranteed minimum earnings

Prop 22 only requires app companies to pay drivers for “engaged time” - when they are logged in to an app, and actively working. That means drivers would only be guaranteed $5.64 an hour under Prop 22 - far less than minimum wage.

Funding for health benefits

Caps coverage at only a fraction of the lowest-cost Covered California plan. Bases coverage on “engaged time,” forcing drivers to work far more than 39 hours a week just to qualify for the minimum healthcare benefit.

Medical and disability coverage for on-the-job injuries

Prop 22 allows app companies to shove the cost of medical care for on-the-job-injuries onto workers, instead of providing workers’ compensation. Gives the app companies more power to deny coverage for their drivers, and caps disability benefits.

Protections against harassment and discrimination

Prop 22 waters down existing protections for workers against harassment and discrimination by allowing for discrimination against immigration status, and failing to include any enforcement tools.

Creates expanded public safety protections including: requiring background checks and safety courses

Weakens current protections for riders and drivers. Eliminates required sexual harassment training as well as the obligations on Uber and Lyft to investigate both customers’ and drivers’ harassment claims.

We cannot allow giant gig corporations to exempt themselves from providing essential protections and benefits for their workers. I urge Californians to join me in standing with these essential workers by voting NO on Prop 22.”

– Kamala Harris, Senator