Prop 22: Written BY App Companies, FOR App Companies

Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash spent millions to write a deceptive measure and qualify it for the November ballot. They hired expensive lawyers and paid political operatives to collect enough signatures to ask California voters just one question: Will you let app companies buy themselves a special exemption in the law to exploit workers for profit?

Unfair Special Exemption
Current law requires app companies to provide their drivers with basic benefits and protections - like paid sick leave and unemployment insurance. But the billion-dollar companies don’t want to pay, so they’re buying themselves a special exemption in the law to avoid ever having to pay their fair share to keep drivers safe on the job.
Exploiting Workers for Profit
App companies built a billion-dollar empire on the backs of drivers, while refusing to provide them with the basic protections and benefits they are owed. These drivers - 78% from communities of color, and 70% working more than 30 hours a week - are essential, helping California through the global pandemic. They deserve better.
Breaking the Law for Years
The California Attorney General and City Attorneys from across the state are cracking down on Uber and Lyft for the years of violating workers’ rights laws, purposefully misclassifying drivers to avoid paying minimum wage, healthcare, paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation coverage.

Join tens of thousands of drivers:

Slam the brakes on this cynical measure by voting NO on Prop 22!

Gig economy giants are trying to gut the law and exempt their workers. It's unacceptable. I urge Californians to vote no on the initiative this November.”

– Joe Biden, 2020 Democratic nominee

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